Mortgage Info

Here you’ll find a bit about mortgages, including a mortgage calculator and tips for finding a good lender. If you’re curious about terminology within the mortgage world, make use of the helpful glossary of real estate terms on this site.

Choosing a Lender

This is the first step you need to take before beginning your home search. Choosing a lender you are comfortable with and who can also provide you with a much needed prequalification letter is imperative. I personally recommend beginning your search with one of these mortgage professionals:

Andrew Gavlick 

Senior Loan Officer

Altitude Home Loans

C: 520-548-7241

Karen M Fisher

Inside Loan Originator

CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC

O: 520-337-2909

C: 520-977-0214

Barbara Smith

Senior Loan Officer 

Altitude Home Loans

C: 520-977-3089

Laura Tremaine

Senior Loan Officer

Fairway Independent Mortgage

O: 520-514-4228

C: 520-403-7187

Questions To Ask A Lender

  • What are the most popular mortgages you offer? Why are they so popular?
  • Which type of mortgage plan do you think would be best for me, and why?
  • Are your rates, terms, fees, and closing costs negotiable?
  • Will I have to purchase private mortgage insurance? If so, how much will it cost and how long will it be required? Note that private mortgage insurance is usually required if your down payment is less than 20 percent. However, most lenders will let you discontinue the insurance when you’ve acquired a certain amount of equity by paying down the loan.
  • Who will service the loan – your bank, or another company?
  • How long will this loan be in a lock-in period? The lock-in period is the amount of time that the quoted interest rate will be honored. Will I be able to obtain a lower rate if it drops during this period?
  • How long with the loan approval process take?
  • How long will it take to close the loan?
  • Are there any charges or penalties for prepaying the loan?

Checklist: What You Need for a Mortgage

Time to get rid of surprises later down the road! In order to be prepared to apply for a mortgage, you should be sure that you have access to the following information and documents:

  • W-2 forms (or business tax returns if you’re self-employed) for the last two years for each person signing the loan
  • Copies of at least two pay stubs for each person signing the loan
  • Copies of two months of bank or credit union statements for both checking and savings accounts
  • Addresses where you’ve lived for the last two years, with names of landlords if applicable
  • Copies of brokerage account statements for last two months, as well as a list of any other major assets of value (such as stocks and bonds not held in a brokerage account)
  • Copies of your most recent 401(k) or other retirement account statement if applicable
  • Documentation to verify any additional income, such as child support or pension
  • Copies of personal tax forms for the last two years

Ann Gavlick & The Gavlick Group

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